What to do if you’re camera shy…

Many experts in various industries steer clear of hosting webinars because they are camera shy. While I agree that being nervous can be seen on camera, this is not a reason to give up on an amazing marketing tool. Here’s how to overcome camera shyness and rock your webinar:

1. Practice makes perfect: don’t worry, being nervous on camera is normal – even actors have this problem and they fix it by practicing. Before your webinar, practice in front of your friends, family or in front of a recording camera. Then watch the videos and see how you can improve.

2. Create a script: having something to make you feel “grounded” helps with camera shyness. Write down your whole speech or just some bullet points, anything you need to help make you feel in control.

3. Get a friend to help: have someone you feel completely comfortable with hold the camera or stand behind it. Pretend you are talking to him, not an audience of people you never met – this will help you relax and be natural.

4. Don’t strive for perfection: so what if you stutter or get a word wrong? Everyone does it. Correct yourself and move on naturally; your webinar audience knows that you are not a news anchor, so you’re allowed to make mistakes.

5. Get comfy: the last thing you need is itchy or uncomfortable clothes. Make sure you dress in something that gives you confidence and ease. You don’t need an evening gown or a scruffy suit; just choose something that keeps you comfortable.

Most importantly, remember that your webinar viewers are here for what you say, not how you say it. Relax and don’t worry about the minor mistakes you may make; no one will remember them anyway!  :)

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