Hook ‘Em with Your Intro!

Much like the first paragraph of an article, the introduction of your webinar is the “anchor” that hooks your audience and keeps them focused and wanting more. However, most webinar hosts have some problems coming up with a good and brief introduction. Read on and find the tips & tricks you need for your webinar introduction.

First of all, keep it short. 1-2 minutes is perfect, but it shouldn’t be any more than 5 minutes. People are here to educate themselves, so the faster you get to this part, the better.

Secondly, speak about yourself but only in relation to the topic of the webinar. In other words, don’t hash out your entire biography, just speak of what makes you an expert on the matter. Maybe it’s a life-changing event, maybe it’s your day job or maybe it’s your passion – whatever the case, speak about it openly and don’t be afraid to emphasize on the difficulties you might have had. In fact, some people may relate to the problems you faced and be even more excited to learn about how you solved them.

Last, but not least, give a short outline of what you will be presenting – just a couple of phrases that explain the topic and its relevance.

Follow these easy steps and your audience will definitely be hooked!

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