Building the Message that Convinces People to Attend your Webinar

Whatever channel you choose for advertising your webinar, you’ve got no more than 5 seconds to capture your potential attendees’ attention, so you have to make them count. Here’s how to build a message that speaks volumes in just a few words:

1. Keep it short. You don’t want to spell out the whole content of the webinar in a single phrase. The shorter and catchier the better – people are bombarded with tons of ads every day and their attention span gets shorter and shorter.

2. Make it personal. There has to be a “you” in your ad’s text in order to make your audience feel like you’re addressing them directly. Instead of “Attend the best webinar on online sales” try “Attend the webinar that will boost your sales by 25%”.

3. Speak about the problem. Everyone wants to solve something or improve something, so tell them what you will help them solve/improve from the very beginning. Asking a question is an excellent strategy: “Are your online sales below expectations? My webinar will teach you a fail-proof method to improve them.”

Last, but not least: be honest. Don’t promise something your webinar won’t deliver – people might attend it, but they will not want to hear from you after it.

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