5 Easy Steps for Choosing a Webinar Topic That Everyone Wants to Attend

The beauty of hosting webinars is that you can reach audiences from all over the world – all you need is an Internet connection and a topic that will sparkle interest. The biggest problem most webinar hosts share is coming up with said topic. They have a lot of interesting things to share and this is the reason why they can’t focus on a single, clear topic. If you are familiar with this problem, read on and you will find the five most effective ways to come up with a killer webinar topic:

1. Find out what people really need to know
Think back to the discussions you had with your customers over the last year; what was the question you had to answer most often? What is the thing that your customers find hard to grasp? Find out what this is and you will have your golden ticket to a huge audience.

2. Be specific
Most webinar hosts think that the broader the topic, the more people it will attract. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth: if you host a webinar, it means that you are an expert in your industry. An expert should be able to go into great detail and offer unique information, not just general facts that everyone can read online. For instance, let’s say that you are a digital marketing expert and you host a webinar on social media – you can never know too much about this, right? Instead of “Social media for startups” try something more catchy and specific like “Grow your startup’s sales by 20% with a minimal investment in social media”. The latter shows your potential audience that you can help them reach an actual goal and that you know their point of pain, while the first one reads like a Wikipedia title.

3. What is the latest industry trend?
As an expert in your field, you need to know what’s being talked about and seize every opportunity. Use tools like Google Analytics or Twitter hashtags researchers to find out what people in the industry are currently interested in. This is the type of topic you want for your webinar: fresh, crisp and with a lot of buzz surrounding it.

4. When in doubt, ask your audience
If you’ve come up with more than one topic, why not ask the people who will attend your webinar? Send out a survey via Google Docs, Survey Monkey or any other similar tool and ask people what they are interested in. Bonus points: ask them to suggest other webinar topics; it never hurts to prepare ahead for future ones. This is the best way to ensure that your webinar will have enough attendees: if they vote for a topic, they will be there!

5. Get to know your audience
Who will attend your webinar? Are they current clients that you want to upsell to or influencers that you invited to help get your message viral? Or maybe they are your partners or prospects that you hope to turn into clients? Whatever the answer, as soon as you get to know your audience very well, you will be able to refine your topic and make sure that it is interesting *to them*. Outlining your “buyer persona” will also help you greatly in wording the perfect title; take a look at how they talk on social media and on their own websites: you need verbiage just like that; you want to make them feel just like home.

Now that you have your perfect webinar topic, the rest is only up to you and your charisma. Good luck!

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